reeflex wetsuit neu gr.m

      reeflex wetsuit neu gr.m

      Biete euch hier einen hammer wetsuit von reeflex an.
      Preis 90 ink versand:)
      Für fotos einfach anschreiben.

      Mercury "BLACK KNIGHT" Chest Zip Steamer 3/2mm- Sealed Seams Black & White -


      GBS STITICHING - Glue is applied to the edges of the neoprene, these edges are butted together to create a water tight seal. The stitching is made from a single thread which only passes through the neoprene and its surface making a Blind Stitch.
      100% LIQUID SEALS - Fully Welded Seam Seal throughout the entire outside of the suit.
      LAVISH LUNAR LAYER - A distinctive plush hollow fibre blended fabric to keep your torso sizzling.
      SOLAR EFFECTS - Solar FX Flex neoprene made for our unique Solar Series range of wetsuits exclusive to Reeflex
      USS // ULTRA SPAN SILK - Ultra Span Silk soft and smooth external lining.
      XTD // X TEND - X Tend elastic like and warm internal lining.
      DIAMOND DIVISION KNEE PADS - Layered horizontally for extreme comfort and flexibility.
      KEY CORD

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